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Foshan Nanhai Shiyuan Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. is situated in Bichong Industrial Park, Huangqi Street, Dali, Town, Nanhai District, Fosha City, Guangdong Province, located Pearl River Delta, and close to Guangzhou-Foshan Expressway. Therefore, transportation is very convenient.
The Company, founded in March 2008, provides the mold making of zinc alloy/aluminium alloy products, die casting, metal surface treatment and other processing services professionally.
We have complete process from early mold design and development of metal products to medium die casing, intermediate pressing, CNC processing, sand blasting, polishing, aftertreatment electroplating, oxidizing, paint spraying, powder spraying and others.
We are committed to improving technology research and development ability, product quality and processing efficiency continuously, strictly control the product quality, and have passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 system certificate.
In each link of production and manufacturing flow, we shall not ignore each detail. Based on this belief, we are proud of all parts produced by us.
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