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Shiyuan comprehensively grasps three core technologies of metal products: mold design and development of product, die casting and forming of product, and surface processing of continuous process. All processes can be self-made. The delivery speed is fast, the product quality is high, the production cost is low, and the absolute advantages are provided on the time, quality and price.

Shiyuan collects special technology push group concerning mold development, die casting, processing, surface electroplating, coating and others; it participates in the synchronous development of customer, assesses the feasibility of mold and production with customers jointly, and optimizes the product design scheme continuously; and our products are sold at home and abroad, and our main customers are automobile manufacturer and security product manufacturer, such as Honda Lock, LG Electronics, and Hikvision.

Shiyuan keeps pace with the times. We meet the customer demand by virtue of first-class quality, rapid delivery and perfect service!





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